What is happening and why?

To improve the security, scalability and overall performance of our services to you, we will be upgrading the mechanics behind our admin portal (switch.egress.com). Also, our web portal (reader.egress.com), which enables users and external recipients to decrypt Egress emails via a web browser, will undergo improvements to its infrastructure as well.

There will be no change to the user interface of any Egress products or any functionality changes.

When is this happening and for how long?

  • Admin portal enhancements will run on Saturday 29th February 2020 from
    18:00 New York / 23:00 London / 10:00 Sydney (Sunday 1st March 2020). For this update, we expect downtime of approximately four hours, during which all Egress services will not be available.

  • Upgrades to the web portal will take place on Saturday 28th March 2020 at
    15:00 New York / 19:00 London / 06:00 Sydney (Sunday 29th March 2020), during which you may experience minor delays to the service.

Why is it happening at this time?

These times have been chosen to ensure there is minimum disruption to our customers.

Do I need to do anything?

If you have firewall rules in place you will need to add some additional IPs which can be found below. Do not remove any existing IP addresses you have.

Admin portal

Web portal

Inbound for switch.egress.com

Outbound for


Inbound for reader.egress.com

Outbound for reader.egress.com

This will not affect any Gateway IPs you have in your Send or Receive connectors.

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