If you see a 'Cannot Connect to Egress Tray' error, please follow the steps below:

Fix #1 - Restarting Outlook

  1. Make sure you are signed into the client and close your Outlook down
  2. You can double-check the Outlook process has ended by checking Task Manager(ctrl+alt+del>taskmanager) and clicking on 'Processes'. If Outlook is not there, then it has been ended. Otherwise, force the process to end.
  3. Restart Outlook and select 'New Message' and send a test encrypted message.
  4. If the error still shows, see the fix below.

Fix #2 - Check Task Manager for the process

Often in large environments, the software is not installed locally on the machines but rolled out through GPO. Please ask your internal IT team to check this before proceeding.

The following fix checks to see if the software is running locally and not on elevated privileges.

  1. Make sure both the Egress Client and Outlook are running and head to the Task Manager.
  2. In 'Processes', check if Outlook.exe and SDXTray.exe are running under the same User 
  3. If they are not, Egress needs to be re-installed so that it is running under the same User this will explain why Outlook cannot communicate to the tray.

If still not fixed, enable logging and pass the logs to Egress Support Team


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