This guide is for Administrators within an Egress Business Account environment.

As an Egress account Administrator you have the ability to reset your users passwords.

Here are the steps you will need to take:

     1. Log into the Egress Administration Panel at (or your Organisations own URL):

     2. On the left hand side, select User Management to view a list of users within your Business Account.

     3. Next, click on the Egress ID of the account you wish to administer.

     4. Select the Authentication tab to view the password options for that user:

     5. You can allow the user to reset their own password and security questions by selecting the 'Reset user security questions to a random reset code and send password reset email' option and selecting 'Save'. This will generate a 6 character code you will need to provide to the user when the go through the reset proccess on the email that was generated to them.

Additionally you can choose to set the users password explicitly, generate a random password, enforce the user to change password at next sign in and also give them permission to reset their own password via self-help.

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