If you are a Free User...

There's no need to do anything as there are no costs associated with keeping your Egress account open. Keeping the account on our service will allow you to retain full viewing, auditing and reporting functionality over Secure Emails that you have previously sent.

However, should you wish to have your Egress account removed from our service, please log a support request. Removing your Egress account will also remove access to the Secure Emails for both yourself and your recipients.

For us to assist you in a speedy manner, please be sure to log the ticket under the email address you wish to delete.

If you are a Paying Subscriber...

Please get in touch with your support contact in your business account who will be able to disable the account and/or delete the account for you. This is normally your IT Service Desk.

To find out your Support Contact, sign into the Egress Administration Panel. Your Support Contact is listed underneath 'Business Account.

Changing your Egress ID email address...

It is not currently possible to change the email address associated with your Egress ID - you will need to register a new account if you are a Free User. 

You can ensure access to any emails sent to your old Egress ID by modifying your access settings.

Paying Subscribers can have their Support Contact migrate all their legacy packages over to the new Egress ID when deleting the old account.

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