This guide provides an overview of functionality available within 'Sent Packages'.


'Sent Packages' displays a list of all secure packages you have sent; whether that is via email, large file transfer, USB, etc.

This gives you the ability to manage secure information in real-time meaning even after information has left your organisation you remain in control. You have the ability to:

  • Revoke Access - By revoking access to a message you instantly remove the recipients' ability to open the package.

  • Control who accesses your information - Modify this list of people in real-time. Any changes take place immediately.

  • Control when people are able to access your information - Set, or modify time restrictions in real-time. Any changes take place immediately.

  • View audit logs - Audit logs displays all information about a package, including who has accessed it, when and where from. Failed attempts are also logged.

  • Delivery Reports - Displays a list of users who have successfully opened your secure package.

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