'Sent Packages' is an available function within the Egress Administration Panel (https://switch.egress.com), which allows you to look at details of every secure package that you have sent.

(Please note: This does not show you a copy or the contents of the secure email that was sent)


How to view Sent Packages:

1. Log into the Egress Administration Panel at: https://switch.egress.com

2Select 'Sent Packages' and then the tab that corresponds to the date you sent the email.

3. Select the 'Package Label' of the email you would like to see, and this will bring up a new window


Sent Package Options:

'Sent Packages' displays a list of all secure packages you have sent; whether that is via email, large file transfer, USB, etc.

This gives you the ability to manage secure information in real-time meaning even after information has left your organisation you remain in control. You have the ability to:

  • Revoke Access - By revoking access to a message you instantly remove the recipients' ability to open the package.

  • Control who accesses your information - Modify this list of people in real-time. Any changes take place immediately.

  • Control when people are able to access your information - Set, or modify time restrictions in real-time. Any changes take place immediately.

  • View audit logs - Audit logs displays all information about a package, including who has accessed it, when and where from. Failed attempts are also logged.

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