You will receive this message/need to request access in any of the following circumstances below:

  • You have signed in with a Egress ID alternate to the recipients email address of the original message.
  • The email has been forwarded on to yourself as opposed to being part of the original recipient list.
  • The sender has chosen to remove your Egress ID from the access list of the package.

In order to gain access to this email, you can:

  1. Ensure that you are signed in with the correct Egress ID that matches the email address in the recipient list of the email.
  2. When you receive the ‘No access to package’ error message, you can select to send an access request to the sender of the package. This will send a notification to the sender prompting them to either allow or deny you access to the package. Once action has been taken, you will be notified via email.

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