Egress Protect allows you to revoke/remove access to a secure email at anytime, even after you've sent the secure email. Below are the steps required to do this. 

1. Navigate to our sign in page by clicking here

2. After signing in please click on 'Sent Packages' on the left hand side as below: 

3. You will then need to select the secure email in question, you can filter through these using the tabs as shown below: 

4. Click on the secure email in question and a window just like the one below will appear. You will then be able to change the 'Status' field to 'Revoked'. 


5. Please then be sure to select the 'Save' button at the bottom to save changes. You can revert these changes at anytime and any changes made are in real time. 

Once changed to Revoked, the Secure Email will no longer be accessible to anyone. 



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