In the scenario where you have multiple email addresses that receive Egress secure emails, we recommend that you link your Egress accounts together. This will save you from having to change the email address you're signed into when opening secure emails. 

This can be done by following the below steps: 

  1. Sign into Egress with the account e.g. by clicking here.
  2. Once signed in, there should then be an option 'Access Settings' at the left hand side of the page, select this.
  3. Once you have selected 'Access Settings' select the option 'My account, and the following accounts (semicolon-separated):'
  4. Please enter the other email address/account you wish to be linked in the below text box e.g
  5. Please then sign into your alternative email address and follow the same steps above to link the accounts together. 


Please note, that both accounts will need to be registered for the accounts to link successfully. 


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