If you are experiencing the below error message when using the Egress add-in in Outlook, it's because you're running an Outlook version that's not yet compatible.


This is usually because the Outlook version being run is on Microsoft’s Monthly Release Channel which releases versions earlier than usual, and can sometimes cause compatibility issues with third party add-ins that have not yet updated their code base.


This has now been resolved in Client version 5.14, so please upgrade to resolve this issue.


If you cannot upgrade the version, in order to rectify this issue in the meantime please use the following work around:

  1. Navigate to File > Options
  2. In General, select 'Optimize for compatibility' in the 'User Interface Options' section (see below screenshot)


Alternatively, you can change the DWORD registry key to 0 in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\Options\RenderForMonitorDpi

Please note, Microsoft recommend that you carefully consider taking part in their Monthly Release Channel if you rely on third party add-ins such as Egress and recommend the Semi-Annual Release Channel instead.

If you require any further support following this, please contact Support.

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