The reason you may receive this message is if you have sent too many packages from your account without receiving an email from a paying user with a 24 hour period.

The reason we have this block is to prevent spam from being sent using the system. This normally only affects people who have recently created their accounts but have not sent any secure emails. 

Please send a test secure email to the user and ask them to open it. Once opened, you can then go back and continue to send secure emails.


The default values are as follows:

  • Free users who haven’t received a message from a known verified customers : 10 messages/day
  • Free users who have received a message from a verified customer: 50 messages/day
  • Paid: 200 messages/day


Alternatively you can download and install the Egress Client which will allow you to continue sending secure emails.


The Egress Client is available for free download at:


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