Depending on how you are installing the Egress desktop Client you may encounter the following error message:


This could be because you're using Group Policy to install it (in which case change UI under Advanced Deployment), but might be a conflict with your domain policy.


How to install the Client from a Command Line Interface:

  1. Open Command Prompt (as Administrator)
  2. Navigate to the folder (unzipped) where the Egress.msi file is located (for this example we will use C:\Users\\Desktop
    1. Type "cd /" to go back to the root of C:\.
    2. Type "cd users\\desktop\EgressClient_v514_b29129
  3. Once in the MSI file directory run the following command: msiexec /i Egress.msi /qb
  4. Now the Egress Client is installed, please double click the Egress logo on your desktop to start the Egress Client.
  5. You can now log into the Client using the small icon within your system tray.





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