Over the coming months, you will increasingly notice our orange Switch logo is being replaced by our blue Egress logo.

We’ve used both logos since our company’s launch, however as we continue to grow internationally, it makes sense to align our resources to one brand (Egress). This makes it more straightforward for our clients and their users to talk about the software, referring to one brand only.

The retirement of the Switch brand is following a carefully managed and phased approach. It is important that our customers, partners and free users are aware of any planned changes, so we will be taking the following steps over the coming months:

  • Including the Egress logo next to the Switch logos that are being replaced, with the text ‘Soon to be [Egress logo]’.
  • Communicating regularly with our customers and partners, advising of any brand changes to the Egress platform.
  • Updating our corporate website and media channels.
  • Modifying product UI design to incorporate this branding change and enhance the user experience.


For more information or if you have any questions about the retirement of the Switch brand, please log a ticket.

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