You may encounter an error message that states there was a problem accessing the package, the package is unknown to the server:



This error usually occurs when the email failed to upload correctly at the senders side. This could have been caused by:

  • The user has changed their Egress password but has not logged out and back into the Egress Client.
  • Connectivity issues when sending the email has caused the email to failed to upload and will be 'stuck' in the Outbox of the Egress Client.


How to identify the cause

  • If the user has changed their password and not re-logged in, they can click on their Client (bottom right hand corner of their screen)  and see the following error message: "Failed to start Sent Packages"
  •  If the user has not changed their password then they can navigate to their Sent Packages within the Egress Client, go to their Outbox and hover their mouse over the item that is 'stuck' to view an explanation on why the package has not been sent



  • As mentioned above, if the sender of the email has changed their password recently but not re-logged into the Egress Client then they Sign out of the Egress Client and log back in with their correct password:


  • After Clicking on Sent Packages, the sender can check their Outbox, highlight and hover the mouse over the paused item to view the explanation of why the package has not been uploaded yet:


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