When using the Egress Outlook Client, you may see the following error message:


     1. Close down any Microsoft Office applications (ensuring to save any work you have open at the time).

     2. Click the Start button on your computer and search for Control Panel.

     5. Within the Control Panel, search for 'Add or Remove Programs'.

     6. Scroll down the list of installed applications and find your copy of Microsoft Office that is installed on your machine and click Change.

     7. You will then be prompted to select between a 'Quick Repair', 'Full Repair' or 'Online Repair' depending on the version of Microsoft Office you have installed. Please select 'Full Repair' or 'Online Repair', whichever option is available for you.

     8. Once the repair has completed, re-open Microsoft Outlook and try to send the email again.

     9. If the error message still persists, please enable Egress Client Logging (instructions can be found here) and raise a Support ticket at https://www.egress.com/support. Please ensure to attach the logs to this ticket so the Support Team can investigate further for you.

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