This page will provide guidance on steps you can take if the Egress Outlook Add-in is not displayed.

Please note: if the user has the role of 'Read Only' the buttons in Outlook will not be displayed. If however the user is not a limited user please follow the steps below:


1. Check the Add-in is enabled

  1. Navigate to Add-ins Manager in Outlook. For Outlook 2010, '13, '16 = File -> Options -> Add-Ins
  2. Make sure that Egress Client is in Active Application Add-ins.
  3. Select Manage COM Add-ins and press Go...
  4. Make sure Egress is ticked and press OK.
  5. Go back to the main Add-in Manager and select Manage Disabled Items.
  6. Check to make sure that Egress is not listed in here. If it is, select it and press Enable, then Close.
  7. The Egress Client Add-in should now be showing.

2. Incorrect Values for LoadBehavior Registry Keys

  1. Open Registry Editor and navigate to the following key(s):
    For 32-bit machines

    For 64-bit machines
  2. Ensure the LoadBehavior key is set to value 3, if not then please change.
  3. Use CTRL+F to search for any other LoadBehavior keys in Egress Switch related folders in case of unusual installations.
  4. Restart Outlook and check Add-in is enabled.

3. Check that pre-requisites have been installed correctly

Pre-requisites may never have been installed or have become corrupt. Ensure that the following pre-requisites are installed:

4. Registry keys have been corrupt and should be removed

  1. Open the Registry Editor and navigate to:

  2. Delete any 'REG_BINARY' keys here. Outlook should then create another once restarted and the add-in should display.
  3. Open the Registry Editor and navigate to:

  4. Delete any 'REG_BINARY' keys here. Outlook should then create another once restarted and the add-in should display.

    Please note: 16.0 refers to Outlook 2016, for Outlook 2013 this will be 15.0 and for 2010 this will be 14.0

5. Ensure DoNotDisable is set

  1. Open the Registry Editor and navigate to:

  2. Check that a Egress.Switch exists if not create: Egress.Switch DWORD 1

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