Setting up a Group Mailbox Account

Should a secure email need to be sent from a group mailbox, a Egress account needs to be created for this email address. Group mailboxes are set up in exactly the same way as normal users, except the administrator should specify the password upon creation to ensure that this is documented in case of group mailbox users attempting to reset the account.

Once the Egress account has been activated, an administrator should:

  1. Sign into the Egress Administration Panel and navigate to ‘User Management’.
  2. Select the group mailbox and navigate to the ‘Authentication’ tab.
  3. Untick the option ‘Allow user to reset password via self-help’.

This ensures the password reset can only be managed by administrators/service desk users which will avoid the account being reset by multiple users when forgotten.

Using a Group Mailbox

To send securely from a group mailbox, the user needs to sign out of the Egress Client on their desktop by clicking the Egress tray icon and clicking sign out. The user should then sign in with the group mailbox credentials, and send the group email through Outlook as normal.

Once sent, the user should then sign out and sign back in with their personal Egress credentials.

Managing a Group Mailbox Packages

Should a group mailbox’s secure email need to be revoked because it was sent to the wrong person, or an access request needs to be approved a user can sign into the Egress Client or the Administration Panel with the mailbox credentials and navigate to ‘Sent Packages’ to complete the necessary actions.

An administrator can also have full visibility over these group mailbox packages by selecting the account from ‘User Management’ and clicking the yellow package icon next to the account. The administrator can then manage that specific user’s packages.


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