It is always free to reply or send a message to a paid user who has a license. You will not be deducted a credit, and if you have no credits you will still be able to send to a paid Egress user.

If you have received a Egress Secure Email, it is likely that they will be paying subscribers. 

Credits are used when free users are sending to recipients who are not Egress customers. One credit is used each time a free user accesses a message from another free. Credits can be used in the following ways:

  • Sharing 1 Egress package with 1 recipient uses 1 Egress credit
  • Sharing 1 Egress package with 5 recipients uses 5 Egress credits
  • Sharing 5 Egress packages with 1 recipient uses 5 Egress credits

Every free account starts off with 25 credits they can use if they wish.

Although you cannot purchase additional credits, it is possible to purchase a subscription allowing you unlimited use of Egress Egress. Sign into the Egress Administration Panel and click on 'Purchase Egress' to do so.

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