MLA (Multi Layer Authentication) can be set to your organisations Egress accounts to enable them to send password protected emails. This could be configured to have a password set through the full organisation or created by the individual each time they send a secure email.


The guide below is to help you locate the password that was set should you forget what was set.

How to send a secure email with added MLA:

  1. Create a new email within Outlook.
  2. Select the classification which has MLA applied (configurable):
  3. Once your email is filled out and ready to send, click the Send button. This will bring up the MLA prompt box. This will have the pre-determined question and you can then set the "answer" which the recipient will need to enter upon opening your email:


How to find what "answer" was set on a sent email:

  1. Log into your Egress Administration panel at
  2. On the left hand side, select Sent Packages
  3. Use the date tabs to find the email that you want to check and click the Package Label of that email:
  4. On the details tab you can check the password used in the Tag field:








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